Photography by Sharon Monett

Catching The Catch

This was taken at an area dam. There were more than two dozen of these juvenile black-crowned night herons, and watching their attempts to catch fish was almost comical. I was there for several hours, and this was the ONLY one who managed to finally nab his lunch, so I was fortunate to catch him doing it!

Osprey Tantrum

A juvenile Osprey exhibits his best toddler tantrum behavior as he tries to figure out how to finally fledge from the nest.

First Flight

A juvenile Osprey testing his wings before taking flight for the very first time.

Up Close and Personal


Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia Wren

Striking a Pose

Great Blue Heron posing for me

The Karate Heron

A great blue heron practicing its Karate Kid moves

Bald Eagle 2

Bald Eagle 1



taken at the UT Trial Gardens

Who Gives A Hoot?

A Great Horned Owl's look of disdain while posing for photos.

Like Water Off A Duck's Back